Mediator's Creed

Mediators Are:

coaches, impartial, teachers, transformers, conciliators, agents of reality, facilitative, non-adversarial, non-judgemental, private, confidential, less expensive than attorneys, and faster in moving through the legal process

Are Not:

therapists, arbitrators, judges, or advocates

Our Creed

"I cannot define the settlements and I cannot impose an agreement on you. My role is to assist you in reaching your agreement. I will not take sides on any of the issues. I am interested in settlement as a principle and you as people. I want to help you through this difficult process and to diminish your pain. Finally, I hope to help you use these negotiations to place the past behind you. There is a life ahead of you that can be fulfilling and wonderful if you can learn from the past, cherish the best of it, and marvel in the growth of yourself."