Frequently Asked Questions


Who are AMCN clients?

Our clients come from all walks of life, cultures, educational backgrounds, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, and occupations. Typically our clients are people seeking assistance with family, employment, transactional or divorce issues. They are sometimes self-referred or referred by lawyers, physicians, clergy, accountants, and other professionals.

How long does mediation take?

Depending upon the number and complexity of the problems or issues addressed along the cooperation of all parties involved, agreements may be reached in  4-10 hours. Single issue disputes could be resolved in an hour.

Do I need an attorney?

Clients come to us both pre- and post- initiation of legal action. However, an attorney is not necessary while you are engaged in the mediation process. We will always refer you to counsel when there are legal questions that may arise during negotiations. When legal documentation is necessary, we can provide that for you at an additional flat fee. Mediation is less expensive than a lawyer.

Who participates in the mediation process?

We suggest that all "stakeholders" in the outcome of the process participate in order to reach a full and complete understanding of the problems, conflicts, or issues. The decision is made during the sessions by informed agreement of the parties Children are not typically involved in the mediation, however their issues and needs are thoroughly addressed during mediation process.

What is the final outcome?

Upon reaching agreement on the issues, a thorough written "Memorandum of Agreement" is prepared by the mediator. It is reviewed, finalized, and signed by the parties. No agreement is binding until signed and executed by all of the parties to be bound.  Infrequently, parties do not reach agreement on all issues. In such a case, we write the Memo as to both the matters agreed upon and those items still in dispute.  The parties are free to seek resolution by other methods including litigation.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, we offer a free 30 minute consultation in person, telephone, or Skype. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions and get to know us to determine if mediation is right for you and if we are a good match for your needs.  Since mediation is a facilitated conversation between the disputing parties, we will not discuss the substance of the conflict until both parties are at the table.