Divorce Mediation and conflict resolution

Marcia Malsack, L.L.B.


Marcia has been a practicing family and commercial mediator for 25 years. During her prior career as a California attorney (now inactive) she was a judge pro-tem, a child advocate, a law school professor, and wrote significant parenting legislation. She was a leader and staunch advocate of the fledgling field of mediation. She has served on many legal & community boards, as well as committees. She has been a board member of MCAFM (Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators) for 15 years serving twice as President. Marcia has worked in the field of adult education for over 30 years, most recently as a business communication instructor. Along with the mediation practice, Marcia also consults with individuals as a "conflict" coach and communication trainer, and is a long time dog trainer.

Terri Lee Robinett, Ph.D.


Terri holds a doctorate degree in psychology as well as MS degrees in both Educational and Clinical Psychology. She worked in a mediation and counseling capacity throughout her career in both business and education, and is a long-time advocate for LGBT and human rights. Terri has expertise in family systems, adolescent psychology, human motivation, and marriage and family psychology. She also has over 20 years experience working for large corporations in the areas of management, human resources, education and training. Terri is certified in counseling, and conducting relationship assessments. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), Association of Moral Education (AME) and Society for Research in Adult Development (SRAD).

S. Terry Lee, J.D.


S. Terry Lee, a former attorney, has been a mediator for over two decades. Along with his community activities, Terry has been a member of MCAFM (Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators) for 22 years, serving three times as President. Terry is the owner of a legal document preparation and research firm. He is certified by the board of Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers authorizing him to prepare and file legal documents for persons without legal representation. He is also Rule 72 qualified and known throughout the valley as an expert in division of retirement plans.