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What is Mediation?

 Mediation is one of several methods of dispute resolution (ADR) that is an alternative to litigation. We at AMCN Group think of ADR as "Addressing Differnces Responsibly".  Mediation is the least invasive and allows for the greatest amount of participant control. Mediation is NOT arbitration... we do not impose our choices nor do we make decisions for you. Mediation is a facilitative process which helps people to shape, understand and evaluate options in order to find solutions to difficult problems.  A trained, impartial mediator helps people   to reach self-determined settlements and resolve disputes that are considered fair by all participants wherein no party loses. Mediation is conducted with open communication in a private, confidential setting. The emphasis is on the problem, not the people!

We work with divorcing couples, families in conflict, eldercare concerns and transactional issues such as partnerships and real estate.

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